Even ladies can shoot bows

The new 2014 pse surge is absolutely is the best bow for lady bow hunters. The sleek new design has the smoother working mechanisms that are much easier for me to handle, and the wrist strap seems that it was designed to fit even my small wrist size.

The 2014 pse surge bow was the best Christmas Gift that my boyfriend could have given me. Now with the lighter design, the weight of my bow doesn’t hinder me any longer and my arm isn’t shaking from the weight like with other bows.

The advantages of this new sleeker, lighter, faster shooting bow, for me was much easier to line up on my targets, and am able to enjoy the thrill of bow hunting with my significant other again. The best part was, that it was ready to use right out of the box, no more having to figure out how to put it together. Thank you pse surge, for creating a bow that is built for a lady and shoots like my man!